Benefits-International Traffic in Arms Regulations – ITAR-ISO PROS#40

Benefits of International Traffic in Arms Regulations – ITAR

Following regulations doesn’t always have to be a nightmare nor you have to look at it as limiting yourself or your company. At ISO Pros, we have a different concept and belief of standards, normative, regulations, and even rules when you know how to look at them in the right way. For example, did you ever stop for a second and thought that maybe they bring benefits most of all? Or, at least, that they are equal to the “problems” or “limits” they bring?

We want to take ITAR as an example of this since we are already discussing it. First, you need to be familiar with the regulatory regime in order to make a comment or give a valid idea about this topic. Starting with the fact that you must learn about everything in the regulation.

Moving from this, companies consider International Traffic in Arms Regulations just that, a regulation and therefore, a way to close themselves opportunities due to the mandatory standard from the government. However, the regulation not only protects the ITAR collected-data and the defense articles or services you provide as an exporter or business but also your data and information.

As well as the people or company accessing them. You can see it more simply: it protects and benefits both the offense and defense parties in the entire export, sale or distribution process.

What is the main benefit of the defense side?

Preventing legal problems. No company wants to go through legal problems not only in the United States but sometimes, even with the country or company it is exporting the articles. Exporting processes overall always bring “issues” due to their nature and difficulty.

It is hard to deal with the entire process while maintaining all the documents and permits in place. This turns out to be much easier and simpler when you follow a regulation that allows you to export or carry out your businesses without worrying too much about what you are doing. After all, ITAR obligates you to implement new security policies, systems, norms, limits to the access of the data and information, and more.

In a few words, you will have a method that allows you to do almost everything in automatic. On the other hand, preventing violations and lost contracts are other reasons why companies in the export area of the articles in the USML follow this regulation. Overall, ITAR is mandatory for any export, manufacturer, distributor, or salesperson in the military technology or articles area.

But companies start to look at it as something necessary for them due to all the problems and issues they are able to avoid from other standards and normative involved in both their companies and other people’s businesses.


What benefits does the offense side gain from it?

The opportunity to stay relevant and competitive. Although the military area and everything related to defense articles and services are hard to deal with and be involved with them gives headaches, many entrepreneurs and business people decide to go for this option.

After all, we have to admit it is an amazing investment and area to bet everything you have. However, how competitive you are and what you can offer also plays an important role in being popular in the industry.

This market environment is challenging and you will notice it right after start researching and moving on with the idea of starting your own company in this industry. But we don’t want you to get scared and instead, we encourage you to go for it or continue with what you are doing so far.

Just make sure that your company is an ITAR certified compliant in order to attract more clients, companies, and people interested in what you are able to offer. A certification or the simple fact of meeting the requirements and elements in this regulation allows your company to gain recognition, and not only in the U.S. market.

Any offensive side in the business world wants to have a lead or leg up in the market, and this is the opportunity you have when you decide to dedicate your time and effort in implementing this normative.

Now, how can you start enjoying and having all these benefits?

By educating and informing yourself about ITAR, DDTC, USML, and everything involved with it. There are several documents you will need to review in order to understand the standard itself.

We suggest you start with the USML so you can have a better idea of the defense articles and services included in this market. Once you are done with this, go to the ITAR document and research about every aspect and element you don’t understand about.

At ISO Pros, we can support you with this journey you are about to start and guarantee that you have a good idea about what needs to be done. And also, that you are well-trained to deal with everything ahead of you. Our company provides ITAR certification as well, which means you can go for both options at the same time: getting trained and trying to get certified.

We don’t have problems to help you with both since part of our duty and services is to help companies and clients like you to be quite informed and aware of the standard. We don’t like the idea of just doing it without you understanding a single thing. After all, it is your company and you must be prepared in every aspect and standard that is implemented or followed.

For this, just make sure to contact us and let us know your ISO standard needs and the support you require in this regulation. We will provide you with one of our qualified and validated experts to guide you through the entire process and give you your certification once you are done with it. Just make sure you are willing to invest the required time, effort, and resources in this quite needed project. And for more information, contact us as well or visit the rest of our website.