Getting Certified-International Traffic in Arms Regulations – ITAR-ISO PROS#40

Getting Certified & Implementing International Traffic in Arms Regulations – ITAR

Every standard or regulation you follow comes with benefits—as you can find in another section of our website—. One of them is to stay competitive in the market and this is only possible when you have something—a seal of approval—that shows that your company actually meets the normative. Now, how can you get this seal of approval? You need to go through the entire process of following and fulfilling the regulation.

For this, contacting and hiring a company—a validated one—that provides certifications is required, and you can also get support and assistance from it to follow the correct parameters in the implementation. Following regulations is always a lot of work and something that will make you more than a couple of minutes or days.

Especially one such as ITAR where you will find dozens of pages according to the category of the defense article or service. And if your company provides several ones—and in only a few cases, all of them—it will take more time, effort, and resources overall.

The certification is the last part of your worries since making sure that your business won’t have legal problems and the requirements are met is a crucial part of this task. Now, validated companies can assist you as long as they provide the service as well.

Some organizations in charge of getting you—or other companies—certified do not provide support and consulting options. They only meet the function or duty of evaluating and assessing your company to make sure you follow and meet every aspect of the standard.

However, at ISO Pros, we worry about helping you to go through the entire process since we know how difficult it is thanks to our experience and time in this business. Providing certifications and consulting services in ISOs and regulations is almost the same as being the ones going through the troubles of worrying about the regulation. So, with us, you will find a reliable and friendly company that will be more than a tool to get a seal of approval.

What does it take to get certified?

As we mentioned before, going through the entire procedure and trouble of following every detail and part of the normative that goes according to your needs. If your company is a manufacturer, you will have to meet the requirements that are established in it. However, as a sales business or distributor, you might need to pay attention to extra or different details in the document.

The same goes for the defense articles or services you provide and the specific parameters for each one of them. Most companies believe that ITAR isn’t a big of a problem but the document is quite extensive and difficult to understand when you are not familiar with anything. And besides the ITAR itself, you need to be familiar with USML and other requirements and elements involved in its implementation.

We know, it is giving you a headache so far but we assure you you’ll get familiar with everything once you understand the basic concepts and definitions. As well as understand every step and organization involved in the process of getting certified. For example, you need to get registered in the DDTC before even thinking about meeting all the parameters in the standard and contacting us to get you the certification.


Do you need to invest time, effort, and money in this?

Absolutely. Some people still believe that ITAR isn’t mandatory, and it wasn’t for a very short time. Right now, it is one of the most important requirements for exporters, manufacturers, distributors, and anyone involved in defense articles and services.

However, it is worth to invest in this regulation thanks to all the benefits that come with it. Starting with the main one we mentioned and the reason you also want your certification: recognition and competitiveness. Besides, meeting the requirements established in the document allows your company to avoid violations and legal problems in the future or during its operations.

Exporting, manufacturing, or distributing defense articles and services is quite a difficult area to focus your business on. But when you get used to the requirements, rules, and parameters, you start noticing why so many people in the United States still go for this option. Because it is rewarding and one of the best industries and businesses to invest in.

With this in mind, don’t start thinking that you shouldn’t take your time with this and give it a chance. We encourage you to not only give it a try but make the final decision of going for this option and market. Just ensure yourself the right company and methods to follow ITAR and train in every aspect and element involved or related to it.

For this, our company will always be available and ready to assist you regardless of the current status of your business or if you already begin to implement and follow the regulatory regime. We can start from where you left it or support you so your company and yourself can handle it on their own. Once you feel ready to take the final evaluation and assessment, we will make sure to send over an expert—or more than one—to carry them out and determine if you can get certified.

Our certification service isn’t expensive, and neither our support nor consulting options. Therefore, don’t let costs and prices be a limitation in accessing or just contacting us for our services and certifications. You can also request a quote that will help you to have a guideline when it comes to the expenses and resources you will have to invest.

But we assure you that most of your expenses and investments will take place and be needed in your company and all the changes that will take place to meet the standard. Did you decide to get certified? We are waiting for you and to know more about your standard needs from now on.